Time line

The cattle bell craftsmen: HISTORY, IDENTITY and TRADITION.

The skill to make cattle bells was the outcome of the encounter of the millenary traditions the fire arts (blacksmith´s and coppersmith´s) with the music, the country sounds.

Each cowbell is the outcome of the hand work to shape an iron plate, to fuse it with copper in the kiln and to make the finishing touches, the final and specially touch is the sound. There are several cowbells, sizes and shapes used for the different animals, sheep, cattle, goats, fowl, horses and even hounds.

In the south of Portugal, were found archaeology pieces of roman cowbells, very similar to our cowbells, made along the centuries in Alcáçovas, the most important centre of this craft in Portugal, the “alcaçovas cowbell”.
To be the owner of a “Pardalinho” cowbell is to have a peculiar Portuguese handcraft, full of history and tradition.